Business Startup

Starting a small business? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We can help! We offer a full business registration, our services include:

  1. Name Search
  2. Alberta Business Licence
  3. Canada Federal Incorporation
  4. Alberta Province Incorporation
  5. Trademark a Business Name
  6. Registration with Canada Revenue Agency (BN, GST, Payroll, Corporate)
  7. USA Business License, Federal Tax ID, State Tax ID and Trademark a Business Name
  8. Taiwan, China, Hong Kong & Singapore Business License, Tax ID and Trademark a Business Name

According to statistics, most businesses fail because of weak general business plan, weak financial management, or weak marketing plan. We provide solutions in these areas to make your business successful!

With over 15 years of experiences writing business and marketing plans, we help our clients become high-performance business and create long-term relationships.

Our four types of business plan:

  1. Concept Plan
  2. Bank Plan
  3. Investor Plan
  4. Special Plan