Business Management Consulting

Every business especially the small to medium business owner faces unique challenges and opportunities as they progress through the evolution of their business. Just as each stage of our personal lives ushers in new possibilities and new concerns, so do the stages in the lifecycle of a business. Each stage presents its own challenges and thus requires a unique approaches and strategies to these challenges for the business to stay in operation.

Since good management is essential and required towards achievement of specific goals whether you are just starting out a new business or looking for your next opportunity as an existing business in order to stay ahead of competition, CTL Business Group will provide you with the right business development strategies and tips tailored to each stage of the business lifecycle such as Business Plan, strategy Plan, Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Business Challenge Solutions and Marketing Development.

At CTL Business Group Ltd. through our worth of experiences have won us many reputations and admirations because we believe in our slogan:

“We Cover Comprehensively Business Strategies for Each 6 Stages of the Business Life Cycle”



Our almost two decades of consulting experiences, we had noticed that the stages of business growth and development is similar to the life cycle for the human race and also product growth and thus each of these growth and development stages comes with challenges and opportunities needed to move on into the next level required by your business. Let CTL Business Group be your partner to thrive in these challenges whiles taking full advantages of the opportunities of which these stages presents.


Business Performance Management


Do you know how well your business is doing? We can review your company's performance using a 360 degree combination of financial indicators to give you an idea and get ahead of the competition.

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International Business Consulting


We believe that business should be without borders. As a global business ourselves, we know that not only is it a faster way to grow your business, but there are several additional advantages.

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Business Plan


A business plan is an essential section of the road to success. By using a business plan to roadmap your path, you can turn your management systems into highly integrated, well understood, and well executed machines.

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Marketing for Business


An invisible business helps nobody. Many businesses fall down because of a lack of marketing strategy. Whether it's helping you get your name out there, or determining the best way to present your business, we can help.

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Strategic Plan


What revenue, profit, growth rate, and market cap do you want to see 3-5 years from now? By laying out your goals clearly with a strategic plan, you can see how to get there, and what lies ahead. 

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This plan is suitable for entrepreneurs just starting their business
Managing cash reserves and sales expectations
Accounting management
Establishing customer base and market presence
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This plan is suitable for businesses stabilizing their operations before venturing into the mass market
Increasing customers and revenue
Market competition
Effective management
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This plan is suitable for businesses seeking to capitalize on their success in larger markets
International Business expansion
Mergers and Acquisitions
Increased market competition
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This plan is suitable for business owners planning an exit plan for their business
Plan exit strategy
Identify potential buyers
Negotiate terms of sale
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