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Do you have a clear exit strategy?


Business mergers and acquisitions are an exciting financial opportunity, opening the door to rapid growth and increase in capital for all parties involved. As is the case with any deal, each involved party is looking out for their best interests, looking to get the most out of the transactions as possible.

This isn’t always the same depending on which parties are involved, or which side of the transaction these parties fall on.

We understands that this is business, and in business, rarely does one size fit all. In buying and selling business specifically, this becomes especially difficult.

CTL Business Group is a global middle-market mergers and acquisitions firm uniquely positioned to ensure that each involved party receives the best possible outcome for their deal.


The Exit Planning Process


Exiting your business is never smooth or stress free. Without advice and business exit planning, you’ll find yourself with far more stress than you counted on. You may also find that the whole process fails to deliver your expectations.

We can help you out with all aspects of planning and executing a business exit. We are happy to assist with the entire process, or bits and pieces depending on your preference.

Here is a sample of what types of processes we would help you plan, and the steps we would take to ensure the exit process is completed smoothly.

the exit planning process image


Exit Strategy

exit strategy image


There are three main strategies for exiting your business: liquidation, selling to outside buyers, or selling to a group of employees.

Historically, selling withing the company is the most common exit strategy, but the most common strategy is not always the most effective in business.

Planning your exit, maximizing your business' value, and extracting capital effective could be the most important decision made during a business' lifecycle. Making such a decision without a professional opinion could be costly.

CTL understands this, and knows that nobody wants to feel dissatisfied with their decision to exit their business. That is why we are happy to assist you with the entire process, from the exit planning, to the exit strategy, to the actual exit.

What can we do for you?


Dealing with CTL means dealing with a group that stands for Business Without Borders. CTL Business Group has years of experience providing local, national, and international business sales, purchases, mergers, and acquisitions, which means CTL is well positioned to help you through a business exit, or help you acquire a business through a merger.

CTL’s experience with cross-border and cross-cultural business, specific to mergers and acquisitions includes:

  • Cultural sensitivities to the role of M&A in strategic development
  • Managing an M&A process in more than one language and across distant time zones
  • Managing due diligence in environments of sub-optimal transparency
  • Supporting and educating clients entering an unfamiliar jurisdiction



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