CTL’s team of professionals have real life experience and have worked with many leading companies; particularly those centered around retail, high tech and non-profit business. CTL works closely with its clients to assess their operational needs and advises on the best course-of-action to execute change. Most importantly we successfully implement the projects, finding quality and lower prices.

If you are looking for assistance in the retail, high tech, and non-profit business with exports/importation, component sourcing or aftersales and Customer Care, we have the knowledge and the experience to help your business grow.

Component Sourcing:  CTL serves the needs of companies wanting to source retail & high tech components from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. CTL works with a number of companies that specialize in the wholesale distribution of retail, high tech, and non-profit components. Our knowledgeable and trained staffs help select suitable partners in overseas markets and works with our clients to conclude agreements which meet both product development and profitability targets.

Exports/Imports:  CTL provides the knowledge and the practical experience to help you manage the process of exporting from North America and successfully importing and registering the products in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Singapore.

      • Retail: tea, coffee, skin care, hair care, purses, clothing, and shoes
      • High Tech: electronics, machinery, and renewable energy

Aftersales/Customer Care:  When it comes to Aftersales franchised dealers, CTL has the team to improve retention of product maintenance and the ability to keep the customer returning for parts or services. More than ever it is necessary to listen to the customer as competition for the service business increases. Improving customer loyalty is the only long term solution to increasing the parts and service revenue at the franchised dealer and CTL is experienced in creating programs to make customers feel confident their product will receive the best attention and care.