Cross-border M&A over the past five years shows growth in the strong ties held between Canadian, U.S. and China financial markets.


Acquirers from Germany, France, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom accounted for approximately half of the volume of acquisitions into the United States, and acquirers from China, India and other emerging economies accounted for approximately 5%. Cross-border deals involving U.S. companies included a number of record-breaking transactions, including Pfizer’s announced $160 billion combination with Allergan, ACE’s $28.5 billion acquisition of Chubb, Visa’s $24 billion acquisition of Visa Europe, and Air Liquide’s $13.4 billion acquisition of Airgas.


Mid-market transactions continued to be essential to the Canadian M&A market: in 2014, transaction deals under C250 million represented 90 percent of all the transactions with disclosed values. Cross-border transaction to make 2014 a particularly strong year for Canadian M&A, not only did 38% per cent of all transaction involve a foreign target or buyer, but all of the 10 largest transactions in 2014 were also deals.


Chinese buyers are playing an increasing role in Asia Pacific M&A activity, with their volume nearly tripling from $259 billion in 2013 to $735 billion in 2015.

China outbound M&A into other regions reached $59 billion in 2015, representing an 18% increase year over year. In the first four months of 2016, Chinese buyers eclipsed 2015 volumes with outbound activity of $96 billion, representing more than a fivefold increase over the same period in 2015.

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