As a Certified Mergers & Acquisition Advisor,, the best way for business owners to achieve a successful outcome is to first be really clear on transaction objectives. So, When you know what you want to achieve, it’s easier to line up the right prospective partners. CTL Business Group has one of the most efficient systems for marketing your company of any potential buyers.

Because of this network, and because of our comprehensive database of other qualified buyers and investors, including foreign firms, we can bring multiple interested parties to the table in a very short period of time compared to other buyers. The process of selling a company can be stressful and the faster the process can be completed, the better for all concerned.

Also, We have developed a system for making extremely confidential inquiries, both within our network and outside of it, to gather potential acquisition offers while keeping the seller’s identity anonymous.  Therefore, It is extremely important in many cases that neither the other companies in your industry nor your employees become aware of your plans to sell.  We focus on companies with $5 million to $200 million in revenues

Here are four more recommendations to help sell your company fast:

Meet a Certified M&A Consultant. 

CM&PA professionals the overall M&A process such as STRATEGIC PLAN, DUE DILIGENCE and VALUATIONS for selling and buying companies.

Do you know what attributes of your business will make it more or less valuable to potential buyers?  Is it your operating facilities, know-how, ability to serve varied types of customers, or financial performance?  All buyers tend to bid up businesses with industry leading profitability and a narrow range of competitors.

Visit a Certified General Accountant. 

Before negotiating any deal with prospective buyers, it’s important to learn what types of transactions may boost your tax obligations.  Ask your accountant if it is more advantageous for you to sell the assets of your company (often a preference of business buyers to reduce the risk of buying hidden liabilities) or sell shares of company stock. CTL Business Group is a professional business consulting firm,  We specialize in accounting, finance & taxation, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, marketing consulting and business plan. Our Certified General Accountants have SEVERAL YEARS EXPERIENCE in M&A transactions.

Prep your company for sale. 

In the same way home owners spruce up their homes before talking to rental agents, business owners benefit when they have the opportunity to unload unprofitable customers, cut unnecessary expenses, and build up areas of perceived business value.  Do everything you can to build consistency into your company’s financial and operating performance. Also, make sure all tax obligations and filings are current and your accounting records are “clean” for potential buyer review.

Organize your support team. 

Take good care of the interviewing law firms that will represent your company during sale negotiations. Also, if you decide to hire an investment banker to solicit potential buyers, make sure the intermediary has the prestige and expertise to represent your company well. The key to a good intermediary is smart deal positioning and the ability to get return phone calls.

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